Factors for success – a child’s perspective

Success at different levels is measured against different yardsticks. Success also have a different meaning and different perspective for every individual. First ever success in child’s life or rather first ever real milestone in child’s life is their 10th Boards.

My son and I regularly have many deep discussion on various topics which give us good insight into each other’s life and also each other’s perspective for various happenings in life. Recently during one such discussion he started telling his view about factors for success.

He recently have passed this 10th board milestone that too with flying colors so I was keen on listening to what are the factors of success for a 10th grader and what aspects plays important role in achieving the aspirations from a child’s perspective.

I started telling him that for anything to be achieved, hard work must be done. There should be a good coordination between mind and body. Mind and body should both be equally healthy to take up any challenge and achieve whatever is desired. As far as studies is concerned, students should revise and practice all the subjects thoroughly and clear his doubts from time to time. Listen to teachers and many more things very similar to these which are known globally.

He was listening calmly and I was sure he will agree to what I was saying, but equally calmly he said, these things can get good results but cannot fulfill child’s dream aspirations. While a student can do all the above and much more, he cannot achieve his dream percentage in boards by doing only the above. I got stunned and surprised by his such reaction, suddenly the positon got changed, now he is the person who was going to give “gyan” and I was to listen.

The most important point, according to him, in success of student depends on how much confident is he about achieving the desired result which is directly proportional to his parent’s confidence in him. The higher the parents are confident of a child, the higher is the morale of the kid and easier for him to achieve the desired result. When the child himself is confident, the higher is the achievement of students. Yet parents should keep the confidence realistic as too much confidence can also result in pressure. There is practically a very thin line between confidence and pressure, a balance is required while practicing.

Underlying factor is how much pressure a student is facing to achieve “good” result as per society standard. If the parents are not pressurized by society’s result faceoff, they will not pressurize the kid at all and hence the higher are the chances of good performance of kid. He narrated a story where one of his classmate, who was in first five rank right from Nursery to tenth prelims always, without an exception, was not even in first fifty when the boards result were out. Knowledge was not even a question there with that kid as he has excelled throughout but these soft factors would have played a significant role in his performance delivery.

Comparison is a strict no-no. Each child is different and each child’s level is different, the earlier the child and parents accept that, the chances of maximum performance comes at the peak.

The second most important factor is atmosphere in house, if everyone is supportive, it is easier to hit the target. No strict do’s and don’ts and also students should be allowed to have a flexible time table to complete the studies and relax.

The other aspect that also matters in terms of score is child interest in that particular subject. Interest in subject is directly related to the teacher or the person who helps in studies may be at home or coaching. From childhood, kid must be imbibed with impression that all subjects are equally important then only they will respect all the teachers and take interest in all the subjects. Some parents themselves crib about why history is taught what is the use, my son/ daughter does not like literature, it is boring they are science oriented and then they expect child to perform well in all the subject. When parents themselves are not clear what the want the child to do, how can they expect child to know the goals clearly. Similarly, some teachers teach keeping in mind only the bright students and hence the average and below students go further below and hence loose interest when they can not relate to that subject and as a result score low.

So,all in all, the parents perspective for achievement or success is entirely different from kids perspective. The perspective also vary from child to child so next time when we discuss the fool proof  plan with child to achieve success do not forgot to take into consideration theirs perspective and get them really flying high !!!



May 17, 2020 at 10:03 am

Thanks for sharing this , it’s like right reminder at right time. In last few years I also realized that and instead of teaching my perspective, I’m trying to understand my kid’s perspective in every field and 100% parents CONFIDENCE NOT OVERCONFIDENCE AND SUPPORT help kids to perform well in every field

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