Kairi Trail

Like the taste of kairi – sweet, tangy, lingering in mouth for long – the kairi trail is also similar – sweet, tangy and lingering in mind – still fresh even after almost 10 years

We were staying in Coorg in Tata Plantation. The serene plantation is full of exemplary plants, trees, medicinal plantation as well as wild life. It is very common to have elephants as your visitors there. As soon as we reached from Mumbai there, we were warned not to venture out as the elephant God can pay us visit if he likes to.

So, full day we enjoyed sitting on swing just outside our bungalow, playing various games, enjoying the typical famous cuisine which the cook, who was dedicated to us, was cooking.

Towards the evening, we were informed about our nature trail early next morning. Curious  enough to explore what we have in nature around, I decided to go for a short walk, obviously in vicinity of our bungalow to have a shield ready should a situation arise. My son was not ready to accompany me as he was small, all of seven years, and scared of unknown wilderness surrounding us. So, leaving him and my husband in the bungalow, I strolled down the hill. With each and every step, the beauty of nature was more and more mesmerizing. Suddenly a tree caught my attention, brought back lot of childhood memories, summer vacation playtime … yes!! It was a mango tree with many raw mangoes lying around on the ground. Amused by those small green beauties, I was thrilled and collected those. Excited enough to show my catch to my son I returned to the bungalow. Now, he was also excited to go by himself and collect those but at the same time a little scared also.

Thinking never in Mumbai will he get such an opportunity, I encouraged him enough and briefed him about the precautions we are going to take while a track down the hill. I told him about  the usual track of elephant , kind of places where elephant can go and where elephant cannot go but we can go. Incase , we spot and elephant where all we can hide and how can we quickly come back to our bungalow. After listening to all my safe escape master plans he agreed to come and explore with me. Singing and dancing down the way, picking up the flowers on the road, when we reached near the mango tree, the sight of loaded “kairi” and excitement to pick them up himself was a treat to him.

Climbing on a mango tree was an adventure in itself as it has never ever happened in Mumbai and will not happen in near future also, he first choose to enjoy climbing and checking out how far can he see from there and narrating us what he can see and we cannot..

After picking a few, posing with “kairis”, the prized possession, from the trees between the streets never stopped. The happiness and contentment on his face was a virtual delight and success of trip in itself. Also, it was the day, he was introduced to “calculated risk” world !