Noodles in Avenue

The Avenue was happiness, the Avenue was celebration and the Avenue was a compulsory destination for marking any accomplishment, big or small.

A very quite, decent, nearby with delicious food joint was The Avenue. For every occasion, be it birthday or anniversary or promotion or accomplishment we used to go there with our little sonshine. Although all the dishes which we tried there equally inviting and yummlicious, as they call it now, but what attracted our little boy was fish and hakka noodles.

So, whenever we go, irrespective of what we order, fish and hakka noodles were must to order. Everytime he used to relish those delicacies with equal zestfulness and enjoyment. It was kind of compulsory for us to visit that place once in a month. Going to other restaurants, how much ever fancy and delectable that restaurant can be is not a welcomed action and to go back to joyous mood we have to visit the Avenue

Once a colleague of mine invited us with family for his son’s first birthday celebration. I was kind of happy thinking about a gettogether opportunity with friends and other colleagues but suddenly a thought crossed my mind- what will be the venue – how will I take my son there and enjoy the party.

After I got the formal invitation, my joy knew no bound, yes, the guess is right, the venue was the Avenue. My very shy son delightfully agreed to accompany me as the venue was his favorite place. Eagerly waiting for the day, the plans how to dress up and how to go and come back were getting discussed.

Finally the day came, all dressed up and excited, in the evening, we started for the beloved destination. As soon as we reached there, the Sun has just set, the sky was pink and just getting dark, the ducks were sizzling with energy quacking in the arriving area. Oh, did I mention, the other equally inviting key point. The Avenue has a small pond like area where there are 3 ducks and a few colorful fishes. So, we played with ducks, quacked with them and clicked a few photos with them.

Party was on terrace, we went straight there, I met my colleagues and  introduced my son to my friends kids. Kids world is wonderful, they become friends instantly. Soon, all kids were running, playing and enjoying themselves. Soon, the time came to cut the cake. All kids gathered around the table, with the caps on, blowing the whistles and trumpets.

This was about 10-12 back, there was no event management planners etc. Thought I should tell you if you are wondering why there are no fancy games and all in the party. After cake cutting, as the kids in the party were too young to stay awake for a while, the dinner started.

This is the Avenue, dinner has to be!!! But to my surprise rather my son’s surprise, there were no favorites. HOW CAN THIS BE!! On the menu were varieties of food, fanciest of the hotel but there was no sight of hakka noodles. Morever the spread was vegetarian, so fish was out of question.  Seeing this my kid became very visibly upset. So upset that everyone in the party guessed there is something wrong. While all the kids were enjoying cakes, icecreams,  juices, soft drinks and like…here we were searching for hakka noodles. I was convincing him you eat this today, we’ll come again the next day and we can have whatever he wants and many more modes to make him eat whatever we had at the party but all in vain

After seeing us for a considerable time in such disappointing discussion, one of my very close friend’s husband sensing something terribly wrong, came to my rescue and asked me what really happened. Why was the kid so upset? I narrated him the whole expectation story, resulting which both my friend and her husband decided to take the kid down to a restaurant.

So, off went my kid and my friend’s husband while I and my friend enjoyed the sumptuous spread of the party. Downstairs in the restaurant, they both ordered the fish and hakka noodles. The food arrived and happiness of my son knew no bound. Delighted and excited to see his favorite delicacies. He started eating and had one spoonful of noodles and other of fish and announced he is done. Now he wants to go back to party to play with his new friends. I cannot imagine the plight of my friend’s husband who simply cannot think what to do now. What to do with the food, should he eat there or eat at the party. He called us to seek guidance, after much head storming, it was decided to get the order parceled and he should eat with us in the party.

So, both of them came up, my son happy, satisfied and delighted, holding his prized possessions in one hand and holding now his favorite uncle’s hand. Soon, he handed over the packets to me and joined the happy playful gang of kids. While I attempted to thank my friend and his family, he informed my child had already done that with a big smile and thankful bright eyes.

Sure enough, the sight of happy child and playful bunch of kids is worth every treat of noodles!!